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500KV EHV Electric Transmission Line Tower

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500KV EHV Electric Transmission Line Tower

500kv Angular Steel Transmission Tower
500kv Angular Steel Transmission Tower
500kv Angular Steel Transmission Tower
500kv Angular Steel Transmission Tower
500kv Angular Steel Transmission Tower

500KV EHV Electric Transmission Line Tower

500kV transmission line towers are uniquely designed to handle the large current loads and high voltages needed for long-distance, heavy power transmission applications. Typically 150 to 250 feet tall to provide ample ground clearance for conductors. Among the tallest towers.
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    10 MT
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    T/T, L/C, D/P
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    Shandong, China
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    Silver / as per customization
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    Qingdao, China
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    3,000 MT/ Month

The 500kV (500,000 Volt) electric transmission line tower carries 1,000 to 1,500 Megawatts, about 1-1.5 million homes. ALTAI Angular steel tower, quadrilateral structure power tower, using Q355B high quality just as the main material of the tower body, steel structure, small deformation, Angle steel splicing-connection, parts light weight, can be fully manual handling and installation, low project cost, the tower body can be equipped with 6 layers of platform, each layer of platform can be hung 6 antennas.  ALTAI is a professional leading China 500KV angle steel Electric  tansmission tower manufacturers with high quality and moderate price.



Product Name500KV Transmission Line Tower


Voltage Grade: 500KV

Wind Speed: 0--330KM/H

Design standard: TIA/EIA-222-G/F/H

Material: GB/T700: Q235B . GB/T1591: Q355B, Q355C, Q355D.Q420

ASTM A36,  ASTM 572,  GR50. GR65.SS400

EN/0025: S235JR   S235JO    S235JZ

EN/0025: S355JR   S355JO    S355JZ

Certificate: ISO9001:2008 SGS COC

Galvanized: Hot-dipped Galvanized

Galvanization Standard: ASTM A123

Nuts or Bolts: Grade 8.8

Welding Standard: AWS D1.1

Method: CO2 Shielded Arc Welding.   Submerged Arc Welding (SAW).

Galvanization Standard of Bolts and Nuts: ISO146 OR ASTM/A153

Life Time: More than 25 years

Supply Ability: 3000MT Per Month


• Typical 500kV structure height:150-250 feet single pole or lattice towers.
• Most 500kV towers are made of galvanized steel to support large loads (wind, ice, and conductors).
• Transmission conductors carry current from generator (source) to load (substation), where it is reduced to usable power and placed on distribution lines as energy for end users.
• Conductors are typically made of aluminum, steel, and copper.
• Other structures help carry the conductor in angles and straight lines (tangent) to minimize costs and impacts.
• Larger wires can carry larger capacity but require much larger structures.



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1. Strict quality control system and abundant technical reserves have created world-class products.
2. The factory has completed tens of thousands of project cases so far, so that we have a wealth of technical reserves.
3. Facilitating supports and low labor cost make the product price have great advantages in the world.
4. With a number of patented technologies and a mature drawing and drawing team, you can rest assured of your choice.
5. China Power Grid Certification Level 1 supplier, you can safely choose and cooperate.
6. We are not only manufacturers and suppliers, but also your partners and technical support.


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Qingdao Altai Tower Co., Ltd


Qingdao Altai tower Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of telecommunication tower, power tower and tower accessories, and has passed ISO, CE and other international authoritative certification, we have 23 international patents. We are committed to providing customers with the best telecommunication towers and the most professional telecommunication equipment optimization solutions. Many of our products have been exported to more than 100 different countries and regions, such as the United States, Middle East countries, Europe and so on, and have achieved very good market reputation in the local market.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.