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  • Tower Accessories Export Packaging and Crating Site
    April 26, 2024

    Tower accessories contains bending parts, drilling parts and cutting parts. All the packaging are customized as per client's requirements on quantity per metal crates. All parts weighing 20 MT are finished in 30 days, include several customized tube structures.      More Tower Solutions at Altai Tower Co., Ltd    Tel : +86 532 55578185  Whatsapp : +852 6266 7210  

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  • New 10-12 Meters Cell on Wheels ( COW) to be Exported
    April 09, 2024

    Model Number AT-C12   Type Telecommunication Tower   Place of Origin Shandong, China   Product name Cell on Wheels ( COW)   Application Emergency Command Vehicle\surveillance\etc   Color Customized Color   Mea. 1.6 m2   Weight 2 MT   Height Max 10-12 Meters   Antenna Load: 300 kgs   Antenna No. 3   New Cell on Wheels ( COW) Ready for Shipment Display:  Transportation Mode     Height of Antenna      Inner Structure:    Charging Interface:  Product Overview:    More Cell on Whees ( COW) solutions at Altai Tower Co., Ltd  Tel : +86 532 55578185  Whatsapp : +86 158 9888 8891  

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  • Palm Monopoles: Revolutionizing 5G Infrastructure in Fiji
    March 06, 2024

    In the serene landscapes of Fiji, where palm trees sway gently in the tropical breeze, a technological revolution is underway. The introduction of palm monopoles in the island nation's telecommunications infrastructure has not only brought about a visual transformation but also ushered in a new era of connectivity, particularly in the realm of 5G technology. Traditionally, the installation of cell towers has been a challenge in regions like Fiji, where environmental considerations, aesthetics, and community preferences play crucial roles. However, with the advent of palm monopoles, these concerns are addressed in an innovative and sustainable manner. Palm monopoles, as the name suggests, blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, resembling the iconic palm trees that adorn Fiji's landscape. These structures serve a dual purpose – not only do they provide support for the antennas and equipment necessary for telecommunications, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the environment. The recent installation of palm monopoles in Fiji has garnered high praise from both locals and experts in the telecommunications industry. One of the key factors driving this acclaim is the suitability of palm monopoles for 5G construction. As the world transitions to the era of fifth-generation wireless technology, the demand for infrastructure capable of supporting 5G networks is on the rise. Palm monopoles offer several advantages in this regard. Their tall, slender design allows for the installation of antennas at optimal heights, facilitating broader coverage and improved signal strength for 5G networks. Additionally, their unobtrusive appearance ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, making them an ideal choice for deployment in residential areas, tourist destinations, and other sensitive locations. Moreover, palm monopoles are engineered to withstand the unique challenges posed by Fiji's tropical climate, including high winds, heavy rainfall, and salt corrosion. Constructed from durable materials such as fiberglass or composite polymers, these structures offer reliability and longevity, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for years to come. Beyond their technical capabilities, palm monopoles symbolize a commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship. By integrating telecommunications infrastructure with the natural landscape, Fiji's adoption of palm monopoles reflects a harmonious coexistence between technological advancement and ecological preservation. Looking ahead, palm monopoles are poised to play a pivotal role in Fiji's journey towards a fully connected future. As the demand for high-speed, reliable connectivity continues to grow, these innovative structures will serve as the backbone of Fiji's telecommunications network, enabling the seamless exchange of data, the proliferation of digital services, and the empowerment of communities across the archipelago. In conclusion, the installation of palm ...

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  • Kazakhstan Clients Visit Factory
    February 26, 2024

    We are hornored to have Kazakhstan clients purchasing monopole towers visiting factory.    In order to allow customers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the company's production strength, business philosophy, and product quality, accompanied by the company's market development center, the customer visited the company's production workshop and learned in detail about the company's product production and processing processes.   Forging iron requires hard work. After years of precipitation, accumulation, and improvement, telecommunication towers have always been our company's superior products, with high precision, good stability, and high cost performance. They have a good reputation in the national tower industry. Through this visit, the customer has a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the company, more recognition of the company's mature technology, rich experience and good reputation, and is more assured of the quality of the company's products. At the same time, the customer also looks forward to establishing long-term cooperation between the two parties in the future. relationship and hope to achieve mutual benefit, win-win and common development in future cooperation projects.        

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  • Clients from Uganda Visit Factory
    February 20, 2024

    We were honored to welcome customers from Uganda to visit our factory. Although it was only for one day, the customers were deeply impressed by our high level of professionalism. The main purpose of customers visiting the factory is to understand the trial assembly of angular steel towers to ensure that there are no problems after delivery.      

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  • Kenyan Clients Visit Factory
    January 22, 2024

    We are very honored to welcome customers from Kenya to visit our factory. Despite the bad weather, the customer still insisted on visiting the tower production workshop, galvanizing workshop and delivery site, for which we are deeply grateful.     They ordered a batch of Cell on Wheels ( COW) a few months ago. Although the customer encountered some troubles during the installation and debugging process, our engineers responded very patiently and professionally, ultimately ensuring that this batch of products was put into use safely and stably.       More tower solutions at Altai Tower Co., Ltd Tel : +86 532 55578185 Whatsapp : +86 158 9888 8891 Email :  

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  • Russian Client Visits Factory, Signals Strengthened Ties
    January 15, 2024

    Russian Delegation Visits Tower Factory, Signals Strengthened Ties   Smith, one of clients from Russian telecommunications operators visited the manufacturing facility of Altai Tower. The Russian customers toured the factory floor and observed the production process of Altai's state-of-the-art telecommunication towers. "We were impressed by the advanced manufacturing technologies and quality control measures employed by Altai Tower," said Smith, "It's clear that Altai has the capability and expertise to deliver the reliable, durable towers that we need to continuously expand broadband access across Russia."   After the factory tour, Smith and Will, general manager met for constructive discussions about future collaboration of angular steel towers and monopole towers "The cooperation between our companies has been going well, and this visit strengthened our partnership further," noted Will. "We appreciate Altai's flexibility in customizing tower solutions to our network requirements. Today's meeting provided an opportunity to discuss new projects and review timelines for upcoming deliveries." Smith expressed his commitment to meeting the demands of the fast-growing Russian telecom industry. "Our goal is to be the tower supplier of choice for leading operators like Rostelecom and Megafon. This visit helped us gain valuable feedback directly from our biggest customers. We look forward to many more years of collaborative work ahead."   Both sides characterized the current level of engagement and coordination between the companies as highly satisfactory. The Russian client's positive experience at Altai Tower reinforces the momentum of the harmonious business relationship between the firms. With continued open dialogue and mutual understanding, their cooperation is sure to achieve new heights. More tower solutions at Altai Tower Co., Ltd Tel : +86 532 55578185 Whatsapp : +86 158 9888 8891 Email :  

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  • 3-legged Tubular Tower Exporting to Mauritania Put into Service
    Dec 20, 2023

    After few weeks waiting, our Mauritanian client received the tubular tower and expressed gratitude towards our high efficiency and quality. We calculated the maximum load of a container and did our best to utilize the room.         According to clirnt's request, we didn't color the tower after hot-dip galvanization. And our client painted it in red and white based on actual usage and their preference, which is a very suitable color in the local.        Despite some asembling problems showed up in the application, the 3-legged tubular tower was still perfectly put into service under the instructs of our professional technicians and engineering team. And after a few days' trial operation, the tower is officially put in to use, helping local people build more effective connections.   

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  • American Clients Visiting Factory
    November 12, 2017

    We are really hornored that one of our regular clients finally come to inspect our factory at the end of the year. It took three days to inspect all the on-going projects.  Mr. Wilson, the general manager of the company, warmly received the guests from afar on behalf of the company. Accompanied by the principals and staff of each department, we visited the production workshop, assembly workshop, and production workshop of the company's factory. During the visit, our company's accompanying personnel gave the customer a detailed introduction to the tower production line and answered the questions raised by the customer. Questions were answered professionally. His rich professional knowledge and competent working ability have also left a deep impression on customers. In order to allow customers to have a more comprehensive understanding of our factory's production capacity, business philosophy, and product quality, accompanied by Wilson, our company's general manager, the customer visited and inspected the entire production process and processing workshop. After having a better understanding of the company's scale, strength, design capabilities and product structure, the customer recognized our company's better production workshop environment, orderly production process, strict quality control system and advanced processing and inspection equipment. with approval. During the visit, the company's relevant technical personnel gave detailed answers to various questions raised by customers. Their rich professional knowledge and enthusiastic work attitude also left a deep impression on the customers.  

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  • Clients from UAE Inspecting Production Progress
    Dec 11, 2023

    The customer from UAE ordered a batch of bionic camouflaged palm tree towers and visited the factory as well as the  production workshop during the production cycle.Our peoduction line is one of the most advanced ones, which customers gave compliments.     During the inspection, the customer spoke highly of our advantages and put forward some specific needs for specific production and packaging. We will meet customer requirements in subsequent work.     We entertained our clients the night before they left. Together with his clients, he tasted delicacies from well-known restaurants. and communicated again about matters related to subsequent cooperation.   Middle and below is a photo of our chairman Derek Dong and general manager Wilson Wang with our customers. 

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  • Clients from Kuwait Visiting Factory
    Nov 27, 2023

    Client from Kuwait visited our factory, confirming the status of prodction and quality. They visited our production workshop and shipping area and expressed their appreciation for our process system and management model. Subsequently, the two parties discussed some technical issues for follow-up cooperation. We sincerely look forward to reaching a cooperation in the near future.

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  • Clients from Fiji Visiting Factory Production Line
    Nov 09, 2023

    Under the long-term cooperation, we were honored to welcome Fijian customers to visit our factory and galvanizing plant, and take customers to visit the world-famous Jiaozhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge. During this visit, the customer praised our production line, quality control and professional service.          

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