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The World's First 400G All-optical Interprovincial Backbone Network Is Officially Commercialized

The World's First 400G All-optical Interprovincial Backbone Network Is Officially Commercialized
March 11, 2024

The 400G all-optical interprovincial backbone network is a long-distance optical signal transmission network device that can connect edge, center and hub cluster computing power and is the connection hub of the computing power network. Through innovative breakthroughs in key technologies such as 400G QPSK high-performance encoding and decoding technology, C6T+L6T ultra-wide spectrum, and saturated optical power dynamic balance control, it provides ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and ultra-high speed for hub cluster computing power integration and collaboration. Capacity, ultra-high security, ultra-high energy efficiency, ultra-high intelligent interconnection and other guarantees. Compared with the previous generation trunk network, the transmission bandwidth has been increased by 4 times, the network capacity exceeds 30PB, the inter-hub latency is less than 20ms, the latency of key active links has been reduced by 20%, the security capabilities have been fully upgraded, and the energy consumption per bit has been reduced by 65%. %, and the cost per bit is reduced by 20%.


The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that technological innovation should be used to promote industrial innovation, especially disruptive and cutting-edge technologies to spawn new industries, new models, and new drivers, and develop new qualitative productivity. The 400G all-optical inter-provincial backbone network will support the innovative cross-regional optimal allocation of production factors such as computing power and data, and support "Eastern data and west computing", "Eastern data and west storage", "Eastern data and west training", "Eastern data and west rendering", etc. The implementation of new applications will promote in-depth transformation and upgrading of the industry. Thanks to the blessing of computing power, applications such as speech recognition, smart factories, smart furniture, and autonomous driving will become more efficient and convenient.


Note: 400G QPSK is Quadrature Phase Shift Keying, which is a transmission encoding method for optical signals. C6T+L6T represents the spectrum resources occupied during optical signal transmission, that is, 6THz in the C-band and 6THz in the L-band.

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