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China Telecom Completed The Successful Project Establishment of The Fourth Phase of NTN Standards in 3GPP SA1

China Telecom Completed The Successful Project Establishment of The Fourth Phase of NTN Standards in 3GPP SA1
March 08, 2024

CWW According to the WeChat public account of China Telecommunications Research Institute, on March 1, 2024, at the 105th meeting of 3GPP SA1, China Telecommunications Research Institute joined forces with vivo, AT&T, CITIC Mobile, Vodafone, MediaTek, China Unicom, Qualcomm, The "Study on satellite access - Phase 4" project led by 37 units including Nokia and Airbus was officially approved.


It is understood that this project is the third 3GPP international standard project breakthrough that China Telecom has achieved in the direction of space and earth integration. It lays a solid foundation for China Telecom to maintain standards leadership in the 3GPP R20 5G-A/6G stage, and also lays a solid foundation for the future NTN network architecture. The enhancement of research and key technology capabilities opens a new chapter.

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This project focuses on studying the business requirements of 5G-Advanced NTN network to support emergency communications, multi-orbit coordination, high-orbit IMS voice and other business requirements. Based on the actual needs of operators, it will lead the important technical direction of direct connection of mobile phones to satellites and is expected to further promote the satellite communications and mobile communications industries. deep integration.


China Telecom is the first telecom operator in the world to realize "direct connection of mobile phones to satellites". The China Telecom Research Institute has been actively carrying out the development and pilot verification of standards for the integration of space and earth, and hopes to work with industry partners to actively develop in the big science and technology innovation device environment. Promote the rapid implementation of the integrated industry of space and earth.

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