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Apple Announces Expansion of Applied Research Labs in China

Apple Announces Expansion of Applied Research Labs in China
March 13, 2024

On March 12, Apple announced that it will expand its applied research laboratories in China to support product manufacturing. It will expand and add new laboratories in Shanghai and Shenzhen to provide intelligent manufacturing, product reliability, quality and material analysis. provide support.


This expansion is a continuation of Apple’s continued investment in R&D and development in China. Apple currently has R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Shenzhen. Apple said the Shanghai laboratory will enhance the capabilities of the Shanghai research center, and the Shenzhen laboratory opened later this year will deepen cooperation with local suppliers and enhance testing and research capabilities for iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision Pro and other products. .


According to Apple’s official data, the company’s investment in China’s advanced applied research laboratories has exceeded 1 billion yuan, and this investment will continue to grow with the addition of new facilities in Shenzhen.


"The laboratory is located close to the production and assembly base, and engineers can work more closely with suppliers to share expertise in high-tech production processes to enable real-time adjustments and help suppliers improve efficiency and save valuable time." Apple Ge Yue, vice president and managing director of Greater China, said that the laboratory aims to provide resources for global engineering and design teams to help test prototypes, make improvements and ensure that each device can meet the corresponding quality and performance standards.


At the same time, the application laboratory team is also constantly innovating in smart manufacturing, product quality and the use of recycled materials.


Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the company's annual shareholder meeting on February 28 that Apple is significantly increasing its investment in artificial intelligence and plans to disclose more plans to use generative artificial intelligence later this year. .

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