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China Steel Structure Association Launches A Series of Research Plans on The Construction Steel Market

China Steel Structure Association Launches A Series of Research Plans on The Construction Steel Market
January 04, 2024

The just-convened Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that technological innovation should be used to promote industrial innovation and vigorously promote new industrialization. It is necessary to "give full play to the advantages of ultra-large-scale markets and strong production capabilities" and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. In fact, in the current national economic system, the two major industries of steel and construction have obvious characteristics of ultra-large-scale markets.

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In accordance with the work plan of the Party Committee of the Iron and Steel Association, on the day after the Central Economic Work Conference, He Wenbo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Chairman of the Iron and Steel Association, led a team to launch some presidential units and cross-industry tours before the general meeting. In the field of construction, after leading a team to conduct on-site investigations at China State Construction and Yuanda Technology Group last week, starting this week, He Wenbo led a team to Guangdong to work with leaders of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to conduct on-site investigations in Shenzhen on the city’s municipal construction and public facilities. , civil construction and other aspects of promoting the application of prefabricated buildings and steel structures. Leaders of Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and leaders of China Construction Science and Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly participated in this research activity.

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After on-site inspections of multiple projects, the research team highly appreciated CSCEC’s years of efforts and exploration in the field of steel structure construction and its achievements. The two major steel structure building systems carefully built by the company: steel structure prefabricated building system (GS-Building) and steel structure modular building system (ME-House) have gradually become mature and industry-leading, and are in the field of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent construction. The road goes faster and faster. After He Wenbo and his party arrived in Shenzhen by high-speed rail, they went to the China Construction Steel Structure Intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory for on-site investigation. Through independent research and development of intelligent equipment products such as steel structure intelligent cutting, intelligent welding, surface treatment, warehousing and logistics technology, and intelligent construction, China Construction Steel Structure has made a useful attempt to give full play to the advantages of the company's entire chain industry. At the same time, it has also promoted the steel structure Structural architecture contributed.

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In the field of construction, steel structure buildings are the most typical future development space with growth potential, and they are also the most typical common tasks in the industry. The efforts of enterprises alone are not enough, there must be industry action; the efforts of the steel industry alone are not enough, cross-industry cooperation is necessary. Therefore, the Iron and Steel Association listed it as one of the two major industry development plans last year (the other plan is the well-known iron resource development plan). The new year is coming. The steel industry must conscientiously implement the requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, deeply understand the Central Committee’s scientific judgment on the economic situation, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to do a good job in economic work, and “seize all favorable opportunities and make use of all favorable opportunities.” When conditions are determined, work quickly, do more if you can, and strive to deal with the uncertainty of changing situations with the certainty of your own work.


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