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The Special Technical Matchmaking Meeting on Converter System Energy Efficiency Improvement

The Special Technical Matchmaking Meeting on Converter System Energy Efficiency Improvement
December 26, 2023

On December 21, the special technical docking meeting on converter system energy efficiency improvement for the ultimate energy efficiency project in the steel industry was successfully held in Yuquan District, Yingkou City




In order to better implement the "Ultimate Energy Efficiency" project in the steel industry, promote the rapid promotion and application of advanced and mature technologies and the collaborative research and development of common problem technologies, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association organized and held eight special technology docking meetings in accordance with the annual plan to provide "dual carbon best practices" "Energy Efficiency Benchmark Demonstration Factory" cultivates enterprises and technical units to build a communication platform to promote enterprise energy saving and improvement. This meeting is the eighth special meeting after seven matchmaking meetings on blast furnaces, electric furnaces, coke ovens, by-product gas, low-temperature waste heat, digital empowerment, and compressed air.


Huang said in his speech that China's steel industry "ultimate energy efficiency project" since its official launch on December 9 last year, has been the steel enterprises and upstream and downstream strong support from ecosystem companies. The project mainly completed the following tasks: First, the development of key workbench can save the benchmark data filling system, consolidate the data management foundation. The system is based on the enterprise energy balance sheet, combined with the cultivation of enterprise energy consumption, statistics, analysis and group standard regulations. The energy consumption calculation tables and energy consumption adjusting tables for coking, blast furnace, converter and electric arc furnace are established, which standardize the statistical boundaries and calculation methods of each energy medium to the greatest extent, and can not only realize the energy consumption standard among the main equipment of the enterprise, but also can analyze the influence accurately.


The important factors of the difference in index values provide a solid data basis for enterprise energy efficiency benchmarking and technical benchmarking. The second is to organize industry forces to improve the "three lists" work and actively play the guiding role of the association. The "three lists" refer to a technology list, a policy list and a capability list. The technology list contains 50 mature technologies, which is a summary of the experience of energy efficiency technological transformation of many enterprises over the years; The policy list contains a total of 26 documents, summarizing the policy incentives and support for energy efficiency improvement by national ministries and local governments. The capacity list (expected to be officially released in January next year) involves 139 technologies from 84 units, including outstanding suppliers of multi-process technologies and services for steel production.


The third is to prepare and revise the "two standards" of energy efficiency improvement groups to improve the scientific nature of the work. The "two standards" are the group standard "Benchmarking Guidelines for Energy Efficiency Benchmarking in Key Processes (T / CISA 293-2022)" and "Double Carbon Best Practice Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Demonstration Evaluation and Acceptance Specification" (already established and under development). The "Benchmarking Guidelines for Energy Efficiency of Key Processes" (T / CISA 293-2022) can scientifically reflect the difference between the actual energy consumption of enterprises and the energy consumption under the ideal state of design, and reasonably revise and amend the energy consumption values of enterprises to help reflect the true energy efficiency level of enterprises and industries. “Double Carbon Best Practice Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Evaluation and acceptance specification”. 


After many rounds of discussion and solicitation of opinions, the integration of enterprise standards and enterprise reality can be effectively realized. The fourth is to hold eight special technical matchmaking meetings to build a professional exchange platform. This year, the Steel Association organized the efficient use of by-product gas, digital empowerment, compressed air, low temperature waste heat and blast furnace, Coke oven, electric furnace, a total of seven thematic technology matchmaking, today held converter technology matchmaking, matchmaking will be held for the iron and steel enterprises, iron and steel enterprises and excellent technical service providers to provide a communication platform, not only to promote the promotion and application of advanced and mature technology, but also effectively promote the ultimate energy efficiency work.


The fifth is to actively carry out the cultivation and acceptance of the "double carbon best practice energy efficiency benchmarking demonstration" to ensure that the ultimate energy efficiency project is implemented. Energy efficiency benchmarking three-year action and the ultimate energy efficiency project has been the strong support and active participation of steel association member enterprises. The first batch of enterprises to cultivate a total of 21, involving crude steel production capacity of about 205. million tons. It laid the foundation for the 30% 6 benchmarking demonstration task proposed by the ministries and commissions in 2025.

Gao Hong carried out energy-saving analysis and policy interpretation at the meeting, and she introduced the work to be done to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. First, effectively strengthen the high-quality development of energy security, the second is to resolutely curb high energy consumption, high emissions, low level blind development of projects, the third is to further promote key areas and industries to upgrade energy, four is to continue to strengthen the energy-saving system policy protection: Fifth, continue to improve energy-saving economic policies.

Yongjie Zhang said "This conference aims to provide ideas and references for the industry through the sharing of policy research results, introduction of advanced converter technology and excellent converter production practices." 

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