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Steel Structure Manufacturing Practice Training Course Ended in Guangzhou

Steel Structure Manufacturing Practice Training Course Ended in Guangzhou
January 11, 2024

On January 5-6, 2024, the seventh issue of the "Steel Structure Manufacturing Technology Standard and Steel Structure Manufacturing Practice Training Course" was successfully held in the beautiful flower city-Guangzhou. The training was co -sponsored by the China Steel Structure Association and the Guangdong Steel Structure Association. It was co -organized by China Huaxi Enterprise Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shengxing Machinery Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Junyi Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. The person in charge of more than 100 steel structure manufacturing enterprises and production technicians from all over the country participated in training.

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The leaders and guests who attended the meeting include Liu Yi, executive vice chairman of the China Steel Structure Association, He Mingxuan, senior expert of China Baowu Group's technical business, Liu Jingfeng, executive vice president of China Engineering Construction Welding Association Chen Zhenming, Wan Minfang, Secretary -General of the Guangdong Steel Structure Association, Dai Changhe, Deputy Secretary -General of the China Steel Structure Association, Long Shaozhang, chief engineer of China West China Enterprise Co., Ltd., Xie Fa Kui, deputy general manager of Steel Structure Company, Guangzhou Shengxing Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Sun Kechun.

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Li Qingwei, Secretary -General of the China Steel Structure Association, presided over the meeting and briefly introduced the purpose, background and characteristics of formulating the "Technical Standards for Steel Structure Manufacturing".

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Wan Minfang, Secretary -General of the Guangdong Steel Structure Association, delivered a speech. She said that the steel structure, as an important part of the modern architectural field, has gradually become one of the favored buildings in the building industry today. We organize this training course to provide professional skills training and knowledge sharing for technical and managers engaged in the steel structure industry to enhance everyone's professional literacy and technical capabilities. It is hoped that this training will make everyone learn better, apply what they have learned into actual work, and devote themselves to the development of steel structure.

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During the training, the trainees paid attention and made notes, forming a strong learning atmosphere, showing the good spiritual appearance of the backbone and technical personnel of the steel structure.

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After the training, the teaching experts and the leaders of the association issued a certificate of completion to the trainee students. Students generally believe that the training is very practical, and has strong pertinence, guidance and practicality. The rich curriculum content has enabled everyone to broaden their horizons and inspire thinking. It is very helpful to improve the management level of enterprises and improve product quality.


The successful holding of this training course not only promotes enterprises to improve the level of manufacturing, but also consolidates the talent foundation for the high -quality development of the industry. The Association will, as always, based on the needs of industrial development, give full play to the advantages of expert resources, take a good industry communication platform for member companies, and escort the high -quality development of the industry in terms of talent training.


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