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Choosing a Monopole or a Cell on Wheels?

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Choosing a Monopole or a Cell on Wheels?

Choosing a Monopole or a Cell on Wheels?
Dec 11, 2023

Here are some of the main advantages of using a cell on wheels (COW) compared to a telecom monopole:

cell on wheels  monopole telecom tower antenna

① Mobility - COWs can be moved and redeployed quickly as needed. Monopole tower are fixed permanent structures. This allows COWs to provide portable coverage for events or disaster response.

② Speed of Deployment - COWs can be operational within hours of arriving on site, while monopoles require excavation, foundation construction and tower erection which can take weeks.

③ Lower Cost - COWs are generally less expensive to deploy than building a new monopole, especially for temporary needs. There's no site acquisition or foundation costs.

④ Scalability - COWs can be scaled up or down by adding or removing modules to meet capacity needs. Monopole capacity is fixed.

⑤ Backup Power - COWs have onboard backup generators and batteries so they maintain operation during grid outages. Monopoles may have no backup capability.

⑥ Testing Capabilities - COWs can be used for testing and proofing new coverage areas and technologies before permanent tower deployment.

⑦ Redundancy - COWs provide redundancy and disaster recovery if existing monopole coverage is disrupted.

⑧ Regulatory Issues - COWs may avoid some of the zoning approvals and regulatory issues required for permanent monopole installations.


The main trade-offs are that COWs have higher operating costs, lower height/range, and no permanent local presence compared to a monopole. But their mobility and rapid deployment capability make them very useful for many temporary and emergency communication needs. Get more information about communication tower from


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