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30M High Antenna Load Mono Pole Tower for Telecommunication

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30M High Antenna Load Mono Pole Tower for Telecommunication

30M Mono Pole Tower
30M Mono Pole Tower
30M Mono Pole Tower
30M Mono Pole Tower
30M Mono Pole Tower
30M Mono Pole Tower

30M High Antenna Load Mono Pole Tower for Telecommunication

With the help of machinery, the installation process of monopole towers requires less manpower and is faster to operate. The process is simpler than other tower types, and subsequent maintenance is not difficult.
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There are two main cross-sectional shapes of tower sections: circular and regular polygon. When processing circular sections, the steel plate is rolled into a conical cylinder using the transverse rolling method, which is welded firmly with longitudinal welds, and then the cylinder with a length of about 2 m is spliced into a segment using transverse welds. The main advantages of the circular cross-section tower section are its large radius of gyration, strong bending strength and high degree of industrialization.

telecommunication pole tower



Product Name: Mono Pole Tower

Type: Telecommunication Tower


Height: 30 M

Wind Speed: 0--330KM/H

Design standard: TIA/EIA-222-G/F/H

Material: GB/T700: Q235B . GB/T1591: Q355B, Q355C, Q355D.Q420

ASTM A36,  ASTM A575,  GR50. GR65.

EN/0025: S235JR   S235JO    S235JZ

EN/0025: S355JR   S355JO    S355JZ

EN/0025: SS400

Certificate: ISO9001:2008 SGS COC

Galvanized: Hot-dipped Galvanized

Galvanization: ASTM A123/150 1461

Nuts or Bolts: Grade 8.8

Welding: AWS D1.1

Method: CO2 Shielded Arc Welding.   Submerged Arc Welding (SAW).

Galvanization Standard of Bolts and nuts:ISO146 OR ASTM/A153

Life Time: More than 25 years

Supply Ability: 3,000 Tons Per Month


Product Overview: 

With appropriate design, the tower can withstand huge antenna load. 

antenna load

antenna tower telecom



Customized Design or As per Drawings

We can design the tower and fulfill your highest requirements. Our professional design team can make your needs come into reality. Or if you already have detailed processing drawings, our engineering team can fabricate them in highest standards.  




steel tower




Hot-dip galvanization thickness over 100 microns, having strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities. 





With covered material on surface and steel stures to fix, any small scrach or damage can be avoided. 

steel structure shipment  shipment


Qingdao Altai Tower Co., Ltd 


Qingdao Altai tower Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of telecommunication tower, power tower and tower accessories, and has passed ISO, CE and other international authoritative certification, we have 23 international patents. We are committed to providing customers with the best telecommunication towers and the most professional telecommunication equipment optimization solutions. Many of our products have been exported to more than 100 different countries and regions, such as the United States, Middle East countries, Europe and so on, and have achieved very good market reputation in the local market.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.