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"Visual Management Standards for Enterprise On-site Lubrication" Group Bidding Launch Meeting was Held in Yangcheng

"Visual Management Standards for Enterprise On-site Lubrication" Group Bidding Launch Meeting was Held in Yangcheng
January 31, 2024

On the afternoon of December 7, 2023, the group standard launch meeting of the "Visual Management Standards for Enterprise On-site Lubrication" was successfully held in Room 309, the main building of Guangzhou Institute of Mechanical Science Co., Ltd.

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Cheng Benjun, general manager of the Industrial Intelligence Business Department of Baofu Armament Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Qian, deputy general manager of the equipment support department of Ansteel Lianzhong (Guangzhou) Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Zhu Fengkun, deputy director of the cold rolling mill, Fu Haiping, manager of the machinery purchasing office of the equipment support department, Yu Xuewu, a full-time hydraulic engineer of the Equipment Department of Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd., Mei Xueqin, a full-time engineer of the Xiaobang Factory, Zuo Decheng, assistant to the director of the 170 Steel Pipe Factory, He Chengshan, a senior engineer of the Technology Center of Jiuquan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Beigang Xin, Guangxi Ruan Dihui, director of the power plant of Materials Co., Ltd., Chen Rongwei, deputy section chief of the equipment department, Jian Hua, chief expert of Ningbo Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Chen Xiaoli, assistant to the president and director of the Economic Development Center of China Metallurgical News, Wang Zhi, deputy director of the equipment department of China Metallurgical News, Guangzhou Mechanical Science Relevant experts, department leaders, and technical representatives of the Research Institute Co., Ltd., other industry experts, business leaders, and mainstream media participated. The meeting was chaired by Zhong Longfeng, general manager of Guangyan Testing (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., the editor-in-chief of Guangzhou Institute of Mechanical Engineering.


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The participating experts discussed carefully and put forward specific requirements and modification opinions on the overall framework and chapter layout.

Experts on the editorial board unanimously believe that it is necessary to use a relatively simple management method to help reduce on-site errors and improve work efficiency, which is in line with current actual needs and meets the requirements of the dual carbon goals. Visual management is precisely the most intuitive and effective management tool, and is very suitable for lubrication management at the production site of steel companies. Various enterprises have also carried out the practice of visual management of on-site lubrication. The overall system and standardization are different, and there is a lack of standards for on-site related work. Therefore, the formulation of a collective standard for corporate on-site lubrication visual management specifications is of great significance for the future large-scale and standardized promotion of on-site lubrication visual management in industries such as steel and metallurgy.

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Bao Zhongfeng, Secretary General of the Yangtze River Delta Steel Industry Development Association, summarized the meeting. Secretary-General Bao Zhongfeng affirmed the preliminary work of the writing team. Expressed thanks to the experts of the standards writing committee. Secretary-General Bao pointed out that the draft of the standard was actively integrated with international industry rules and met the expected requirements; each editorial committee member has a heavy workload every year and coordinates the time plan according to the node time to ensure the high standard of the group. , high quality, and high application. In the future, this standard should be a high-quality standard that meets industry needs.

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