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A Symposium was Held to Commemorate The 74th Anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong’s Inscription “Developing Mining”

A Symposium was Held to Commemorate The 74th Anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong’s Inscription “Developing Mining”
February 01, 2024

On February 1, 2024, a symposium to commemorate the 74th anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong’s “Develop Mining” inscription was held in Beijing. Xu Dachun, member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhu Xun, Secretary-General of the 8th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and former Minister of Geology and Mineral Resources, sent a congratulatory letter to mining workers across the country.


On February 17, 1950, Comrade Mao Zedong personally wrote the words "Develop Mining" when meeting representatives of students studying in the Soviet Union at the Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union. Inspired by this inscription, generations of mining workers in our country have carried forward the "Three Glories", "Four Specials" and "Iron Man" spirit, providing rich mineral deposits for the construction of New China; providing a steady stream of resources for the development of the national economy. of industrial "food" and "blood".


iron and steel structure

Over the past 70 years, the types of minerals explored and developed by mining workers have increased from 18 to 173, raw coal production has increased from 32.43 million tons to 4.658 billion tons, crude oil production has increased from 120,000 tons to 208 million tons, and natural gas production has increased from 7 million tons. cubic meters increased to 219.7 billion cubic meters, iron ore production increased from 590,000 tons to 990 million tons, and the output of ten non-ferrous metals increased from 47,700 tons to 74.698 million tons, making my country move from a weak mining country to a large mining country, and then to Jump to the ranks of mining powerhouses.


At present, my country's mining development has changed from "waiting for rice to eat" in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China to "self-sufficiency", from the "export exchange" of reform and opening up to "there is import and export", and then to "the import is greater than the export" in the 21st century. , "Two resources, two markets." my country's mining industry is steadily advancing towards the goal of high-quality development. More than 4,000 green mines at all levels have been built, and 1,000 and 1,300 intelligent mining and excavation working faces have been built. The pace of digitization and intelligence of mines is accelerating. Deep underground exploration, Deep-sea exploration continues to expand the exploration and development space of mineral resources. Strategic minerals provide strong support to emerging strategic industries. The clean, efficient, low-carbon utilization of coal and "coal-to-liquid" and "coal-to-gas" have greatly improved my country's energy structure and further Consolidating the cornerstone role of energy, green development has become the consensus of building a beautiful China in mineral resource exploration.


Xu Dachun pointed out in his speech that mining, as a traditional industry and a pillar industry, provides strong material support for my country's modernization drive and has made great contributions to national economic development and national defense construction. It is necessary to deeply realize that my country's mining development has entered a new period of "four superpositions" of rising demand, policy adjustment, promotion of high-quality development and high-level protection, and a period of instability and uncertainty in the external environment. It is necessary to accurately grasp the new requirements of mineral exploration and development in the new era, solidly promote a new round of strategic actions for mineral prospecting breakthroughs, actively practice the concept of green development, vigorously promote fine geological traditions, and continuously improve the level of independent guarantee of energy resource security.


Jia Chunqu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the General Administration of Coal and Geology of China and First Political Commissar of the National Mine Emergency Rescue Geological Survey Team, delivered a speech.


Tang Juxing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and researcher at the Institute of Mineral Resources of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences; Meng Qi'an, chief technical expert of PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd.; Wang Yongye, manager of the Mineral Resources and Industrial Information Research Center of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd.; Vice President of the Hunan Provincial Institute of Geology Jiang Niansheng, student representative of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) Teng Zhuoer and other unit representatives made speeches on the theme of “doing our best to ensure the security of national energy resources”.


Relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Natural Resources, China Geological Survey, relevant institutions of the Ministry of Natural Resources, resource-based enterprises such as PetroChina, relevant industrial associations, relevant provincial mining associations (federations), vice-president units of the China Mining Federation, news More than 110 representatives of the media and mining workers attended the meeting at the main venue, and relevant units participated in the symposium via video. The conference was hosted by the China Mining Federation, hosted by the China Coal Geology Administration, and co-organized by China Coal Geology Group Co., Ltd. and the Mine Safety Committee of the China Mining Federation. It was held in a combination of online and offline formats. The meeting was chaired by Cheng Li, President of the China Mining Federation. Wei presided over.

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