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Nut Wedge Adjustable Strain Cable Clamp ( adjustable type)

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Nut Wedge Adjustable Strain Cable Clamp ( adjustable type)

Nut Wedge Clamp
Nut Wedge Clamp
Nut Wedge Clamp
Nut Wedge Clamp

Nut Wedge Adjustable Strain Cable Clamp ( adjustable type)

The nut wedge clamp tis composed of a wedge mother, a wedge and a long U-shaped screw with a certain adjustment range. The cable clamp is used both to fix the cable and to adjust the length of the cable.
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    500 Sets
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    T/T, L/C, D/P
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    Shandong, China
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    As per Customization
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    Qingdao, China
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    6,000 Sets/ Month

The UT type cable clamp is often used to connect the cable part to the cable end, and the cable rod is used to flip the cable end. Its mode of action is to use a wedge-shaped self-locking structure to clamp the steel strand in the wire groove. Generally used at the lower end of the guy pole tower. The models of UT-type wire clamps (adjustable) include UT-1, UT-2, UT-3, UT-4, etc. The larger the following number, the thicker the steel strand used and the greater the force.

adjustable strain clamp nut type

Product Description: 


1. Tension-resistant wire clamps are used to fix conductors or lightning protection wires on the tension-resistant insulator strings of non-linear pole towers. They serve as anchors and are also used to fix the guy wires of tie rod replacements.


2. NUT wedge-type tension clamp uses the splitting force of the wedge to lock the steel strand in the clamp. The body and wedge of the wedge-shaped tension clamp are made of malleable cast iron. The steel strand is bent into the same shape as the wedge and installed in the clamp. When the steel strand is stressed, the wedge and the steel strand simultaneously move toward the clamp outlet along the wall of the clamp barrel. Slip, the more you pull it, the tighter it gets, and gradually it becomes a pinned state.


3. During the installation or operation of the cable tower, the tension of the cable must be adjusted to make it balanced. In order to facilitate the installation or adjustment of the cable, the adjustable cable clamp and the NUT wedge-type tension clamp are installed near the cable rod extending from the lower end of the cable. NUT type tension clamp consists of a wedge mother, a wedge and a long U-shaped screw with a certain adjustment range. The clamp is used to fix the pull wire and adjust the length of the pull wire. This type of wire clamp is suitable for installation models GJ-25~ 70 galvanized steel strand.


Catalog No.


Steel Wire  Dia(mm)



Rate Failure















































Packaging and Shipment: 

Generally, sea-worthy packaging will be adoped, using plastic bags and metal mesh/ wood crate. Quantity each crate/ mesh contains will be showned on the marks marked on the package. 

strain clamp wedge


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