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China Telecom Launches Direct Mobile Phone Satellite Connection Service in Hong Kong

China Telecom Launches Direct Mobile Phone Satellite Connection Service in Hong Kong
May 11, 2024

On May 8, China Telecom held a launch conference for the mobile phone direct-connect satellite service in Hong Kong, officially announcing the launch of the mobile phone direct-connect satellite service based on Tiantong Satellite System in Hong Kong. It will use this as a new starting point to simultaneously launch Tiantong Satellite. A new journey for international operation of mobile systems. With the theme of "Mobile phones are always online, communications are never lost", the conference attracted representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hong Kong Investment Promotion Agency, local telecom operators, and satellite industry chain partners from many countries and regions. Attend the press conference.


In his speech, Chen Lidong, director of the Emergency Telecommunications Support Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, fully affirmed the achievements China Telecom has made in recent years in firmly implementing the "Belt and Road" initiative, deepening the "Belt and Road" international cooperation, and promoting high-quality infrastructure interconnection construction. He also said that the direct connection of mobile phone satellite services to operations in Hong Kong will play a positive role in carrying out emergency communications such as disaster relief and maritime rescue, ensuring the safety of people's lives and property, and radiating and promoting the joint construction of the "Belt and Road".

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Yu Xiao, vice president and president of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, said that as an important node of the "Belt and Road Initiative", Hong Kong can give full play to its own advantages and connect the world with information. The mobile phone direct connection satellite service will bring better and more convenient communication services to Hong Kong users. This is an important measure for China Telecom to actively implement new quality productivity requirements and implement internationalization strategies. It is also an important step for Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong to rely on Hong Kong talents. , technology, and internationalization advantages, a vivid case that supports the construction of Hong Kong’s international innovation and technology center. In the future, the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association will further strengthen cooperation with China Telecom and actively promote the development of Hong Kong's digital economy.

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Tang Ke, deputy general manager of China Telecom, said that for a long time, China Telecom has been deeply involved in cloud network integration, accelerating intelligent computing upgrades, promoting intelligent network interconnection, and integrating the world and the earth. It has actively promoted various important achievements and mature products, and has provided high-quality economic and social services. Quality development provides new momentum. Through unremitting efforts and technical research, China Telecom has completed the technical verification, network testing and system integration of the mobile phone direct connection satellite business in Hong Kong. With the support of the Hong Kong SAR government, China Telecom has obtained an operating license and has the ability to provide mobile phone direct connection to Hong Kong customers. The ability to connect satellite business services. In the future, China Telecom is willing to join hands with domestic and foreign partners to jointly serve the national “Belt and Road” development strategy and promote the high-quality development of the aerospace information industry.

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In recent years, China Telecom has always adhered to the leadership of technological innovation, fully leveraged the differentiated advantages of Tiantong's satellite business, achieved the world's first mobile phone direct-connection satellite business, and continuously broadened the application boundaries of "Tiantong S+" products, now forming a line containing The independently controllable, complete and complete satellite mobile communication industry chain of chip design, terminal manufacturing, system construction, and application development is widely used in emergency, firefighting, public security, ocean, border defense and other fields. This time, the mobile phone direct-connection satellite service has been launched in Hong Kong. China Telecom users can enjoy the integrated communication service of space and earth without changing cards or numbers, which can better meet users' rigid demand for satellite mobile communication in the blind area of cellular communication and will be used in a good way. Products, good functions and good services provide comprehensive communication services for Hong Kong residents, users between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, between Hong Kong and Macao, and between Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao.

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