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2024 SAMENA Leadership Summit Concluded Perfectly

2024 SAMENA Leadership Summit Concluded Perfectly
May 15, 2024

The 2024 SAMENA Leaders Summit came to a perfect conclusion, and the Middle East glasses-free 3D industry promotion initiative was successfully launched


The annual SAMENA Leadership Summit was successfully held on May 13 at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. The event, with the theme of "Smart Future: Intelligent and Sustainable Development of Infrastructure", brought together more than 20 regulatory agencies, More than 30 operators and more than 300 industry leaders jointly discussed core topics such as "leading the 5G-A era", "digital transformation", and "GCC spectrum opportunities", aiming to promote Asia, the Middle East and Africa to move towards a more prosperous smart world .

Big names in the ICT industry attending the SAMENA Leaders Summit include regulatory agencies from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other countries, industry organizations represented by GSMA and WBBA, operator representatives from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, ICT infrastructure representatives such as Huawei and Nokia, and Enterprises, analysts, application ecosystem partners, industry media, etc. Representatives from all parties spoke freely and focused on key issues such as creating sustainable 5G-A connections and ecosystem aggregation platforms to promote cooperation and accelerate the growth of the digital economy.

During the summit, Oman Telecom, Zain Group, LAiPIC AI, Stereocom, Lanshen 3D, etc. jointly launched the "Middle East Glasses-free 3D Industry Promotion Initiative". Global industry partners are working together to leverage 5G/5G-A, AI and computing network capabilities to accelerate the standardization of key naked-eye 3D technologies, build ecological capabilities, and incubate innovative applications to achieve a new upgrade in user visual experience and jointly create new industry value.

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The naked-eye 3D ecosystem has basically matured, and users can easily and freely enjoy a natural and comfortable 3D experience through a variety of terminal devices. The high-speed and low-latency characteristics of 5G and 5G-A networks, the super processing power of the computing network, and the support of AI capabilities will further enhance the true immersion and interactive convenience of naked-eye 3D, bringing users a new visual experience Upgrade and bring good industry development opportunities to the large-scale commercial use of naked-eye 3D. 2024 will be a critical year for the large-scale commercialization of naked-eye 3D. It is urgent to further promote the collaborative development of naked-eye 3D display, AI technology, content, applications, networks and other parties.

This glasses-free 3D industry promotion initiative aims to integrate industry resources and conduct further discussions and research on the development trends and technology evolution directions of the glasses-free 3D industry. At the same time, operators and industry partners will collaborate more closely to promote the commercialization process of glasses-free 3D:

1. Promote the launch of multi-form and low-cost naked-eye 3D terminals: accelerate the pace of technological evolution, incubate a series of 3D applications for consumer electronics products, and match large, medium and small screen terminals such as mobile phones and tablets;

2. Integrate new technologies such as AI&AR&VR to create the ultimate 3D experience: Combining new technologies such as AI can achieve more realistic virtual scenes and more intelligent image processing; improve 3D image quality, reduce crosstalk, and achieve lossless switching between 2D and 3D;

3. Explore applications in multiple fields and incubate business opportunities: Naked-eye 3D technology will not only be limited to the field of film and television entertainment, but will also expand to education, medical care, industry and other fields. For example, in the education field, naked-eye 3D technology can provide students with a more vivid and intuitive learning experience; in the medical field, it can be used for medical image visualization and surgical simulation;


The establishment of the Middle East Glasses-free 3D Industry Promotion Initiative will further promote the development of the 3D industry ecology, bring users a richer and immersive 3D experience, and will also bring new business opportunities to the 3D industry.


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