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Global Green Intelligent Supply Chain Cooperation Conference Held

Global Green Intelligent Supply Chain Cooperation Conference Held
April 19, 2024

On April 16, local time in Serbia, the HBIS ( Serbia) Global Green Intelligent Supply Chain Cooperation Conference was held in Belgrade. HBIS in the world took a more open attitude and discussed the future development of steel with global partners. Serbian President Vucic sent a congratulatory letter to the conference. Yu Yong, Chairman of HBIS Group, and Jelena Begovic, Minister of Science and Technology of Serbia, attended the conference and delivered speeches. Daniel Rui Felicio, Global President of Siemens Iventa Solutions, delivered a keynote speech.


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Vucic pointed out in his congratulatory letter that the HBIS (Serbia) Global Green Smart Supply Chain Cooperation Conference, with the theme of “Gathering in Serbia to build a green smart supply chain”, is a commendable event that resonates with Serbia’s future vision. . The conference attracted the participation of award-winning global companies such as Siemens, Haier Group, C&D Group, Primetals, Danieli, Hasco and Tenon, which also reflected Serbia’s growing investment attractiveness. Serbia fully recognizes the important role that similar international conferences play in promoting dialogue among industry leaders and establishing strategic partnerships. We believe that this conference will become a valuable platform for achieving win-win cooperation. Serbia supports its commitment to promoting economic development and international cooperation-related initiatives, actively supports the convening of this conference, and wishes the Global Green Smart Supply Chain Cooperation Conference a success.


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In his speech, Yu Yong, on behalf of HBIS, thanked global strategic partners for their long-term high trust and support for HBIS, and extended a warm welcome to the guests attending the conference. He pointed out that currently, the new technological revolution is accelerating the reconstruction of the global supply chain, and green and smart technologies have become the main theme of global industrial development. Today, we are deepening supply chain cooperation in Serbia around green intelligence. This is a vivid practice of promoting industrial integration and development through technological innovation. It has a positive impact on accelerating the reconstruction of the global green intelligent supply chain and promoting the green transformation and intelligent upgrading of global industries. significant role. Globalization allows different countries, regions, and enterprises to have the best resources and cooperation methods to the greatest extent. HBIS is full of confidence in cooperation around the world. The restructuring of the global supply chain based on green, smart, and low-carbon opportunities has brought us new cooperation opportunities in all aspects. HBIS is willing to work with global partners in Europe and Serbia to explore better ways of cooperation, exert stronger strategic synergy value, and contribute wisdom and strength to promote global industries to be greener, lower-carbon, and smarter.


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In her speech, Jelena Begovic extended greetings to the guests on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Serbia and wished the conference a success. She pointed out that this conference is a big step for the steel industry in promoting advanced green and smart solutions, promoting smart supply chains, and green transformation, and is highly consistent with the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative. The theme of "Gathering in Serbia to build a green and smart supply chain" reflects the desire of the scientific and industrial communities to develop innovative solutions and best practices to make the industry more efficient and contribute to the realization of sustainable development goals. Producing green steel can reduce carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment. HBIS recognizes that responsible production and strives to make its production process greener through applied science, knowledge innovation, etc. is extremely important. Optimize the production process through intelligent technology and rely on green solutions to further promote the progress of the industry. I hope that everyone will strengthen cooperation and work together to achieve the goal of sustainable development in the future.


Daniel Rui Felicio gave a keynote speech on the topic of digital empowerment and sustainable transformation, and introduced the main business of Siemens Ivenda and Siemens Serbia. He pointed out that Siemens empowers customers to control digital transformation and meet sustainable development challenges by linking the real world and the digital world. The application of new digital and intelligent technologies is the core to solving the challenges of supply chain transformation. Factories need to accelerate transformation to maintain their competitiveness. Siemens helps customers win transformation opportunities by designing and implementing digital factories and digital supply chains. I hope that the cooperation between Siemens and HBIS can inspire everyone to further accelerate transformation and change, jointly solve the huge challenges they face, and contribute more to the joint creation of a green and intelligent supply chain.


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Liu Wei gave a speech on the topic of Haier and HBIS working together to build a green and intelligent supply chain. He introduced the overall development of Haier, reviewed the process of strategic cooperation between Haier and HBIS, and pointed out that in the future, Haier and HBIS will be committed to creating a win-win situation from the dimensions of scenario-based design, green carbon reduction, and global win-win. , provide end users with one-stop overall smart home solutions, further realize the greenness of products, find new growth space in global cooperation, and achieve further upgrades in cooperation between the two parties.


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Alexander gave a speech on the topic of Green Steel Strategy - Transformation Pathway to Decarbonize the Steel Industry, and proposed three stages of transformation to green steel, namely optimization stage, transition stage, realization of green steel, and the core of the path for the steel industry to achieve net-zero emissions. It is the electrification of production, direct carbon avoidance and carbon capture, utilization and storage. It is recommended that steel companies design reasonable process paths based on resource endowments, product structures, etc. At the same time, Primetals shared Hy4Smelt technology based on hydrogen fluidized bed direct reduction-electromelting furnace.

At the meeting, the guests watched the conference image film "Green Smart Enjoyment". The conference was jointly organized by HBIS and Siemens, with the theme of "Gathering in Serbia to build a green and intelligent supply chain". It aimed to promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry and promote the construction of a global green and intelligent supply chain.


Director of HBIS Group, heads of the Science and Technology Innovation Department of HBIS Group and HBIS Materials Research Institute, HBIS Saigang Steel, Dahe Metal and relevant persons in charge of the HBIS High School Affairs Office, Haier, Primetals, Danieli, Tenoy, Relevant personnel from C&D Group, China University of Finance and Economics, Hasco and University of Belgrade attended the meeting.


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