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What is A Three Legged Tubular Steel Tower

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What is A Three Legged Tubular Steel Tower

What is A Three Legged Tubular Steel Tower
Feb 01, 2024

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Communication towers include new three-tube communication towers, traditional types of angle steel towers and guyed wire towers, etc. The design of the tower is aimed at the problems of excessive weight, large floor space, and high cost of traditional domestic angle steel towers. We draw lessons from the design and construction experience of communication towers in developed countries and use seamless steel pipes as the tower column materials to minimize the weight through optimized design. It reduces the weight of the tower, reduces land occupation, saves basic cost and construction progress, comprehensively helps operators reduce the cost of communication tower construction projects, saves national land and steel resources, and reduces operation and maintenance costs.

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Architectural features

Seamless steel pipes are used as the tower column material, which has a small wind load coefficient and strong wind resistance. The tower columns are connected by external flanges, and the bolts are under tension and are not easily damaged, reducing maintenance costs. The tower columns are arranged in a triangle shape, saving steel and minimizing openings. It occupies a small area, saves land resources, and is convenient for site selection. The tower body is light in weight, and the new three-leaf slab foundation reduces the foundation cost. The truss structure design is convenient for transportation and installation, and the construction period is short. The tower type is designed to change with the wind load curve. The lines are smooth and will not easily collapse in rare wind disasters. The design to reduce human and animal casualties complies with the national steel structure design specifications and tower mast design regulations, and the structure is safe and reliable.


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The main material (tower legs) of the steel tube tower can be seamless steel pipe or high-frequency welded pipe. Other horizontal and diagonal materials can be angle steel or steel pipes. The specific model and size need to be determined by the designer based on the construction conditions and operating environment.

In the production of steel pipe towers, in order to ensure the replaceability of each welded part in mass production, a production mold is generally made. The mold must be accurate to ensure that there are no problems in mass production and to achieve replaceability.


tower design and manufacture

Basic design basis: Steel structure design code (TJ17-74).

Basic parameters: Design wind speed: 35 meters per second

Earthquake resistance: Level 8

Wrapped in ice

Verticality: 1/1000

Suitable temperature: -45℃-+45℃

Anti-corrosion treatment: hot dip galvanizing

Service life: 30 years

(The above parameters are just examples, tower design parameters vary in different environments).

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