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3-legged Tubular Tower Exporting to Mauritania Put into Service

3-legged Tubular Tower Exporting to Mauritania Put into Service
December 20, 2023

After few weeks waiting, our Mauritanian client received the tubular tower and expressed gratitude towards our high efficiency and quality. We calculated the maximum load of a container and did our best to utilize the room.


tubular tower   tube antenna  tower


According to clirnt's request, we didn't color the tower after hot-dip galvanization. And our client painted it in red and white based on actual usage and their preference, which is a very suitable color in the local. 


paint tubular telecom tower  tube for microwave tower


Despite some asembling problems showed up in the application, the 3-legged tubular tower was still perfectly put into service under the instructs of our professional technicians and engineering team. And after a few days' trial operation, the tower is officially put in to use, helping local people build more effective connections. 


telecommunication microwave tower

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